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Bobcat Pallet Stackers

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Bobcat Pallet Stackers

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and versatility of Bobcat Electric Pallet Stackers

Designed to elevate your operations, these innovative Stackers combine cutting-edge technology with robust construction to streamline warehouse productivity. Whether navigating tight aisles or lifting heavy loads, Bobcat Electric Pallet Stackers offer reliability and precision.

Browse the full range of Bobcat Pallet Stackers below…

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7 Series Stacker 1.0 – 2.0t

Load Capacity: 1,000-2,000kg

Lift Height: 1790~5390mm

The 7 Series walkie stacker with 2t load capacity prioritises user safety with turtle mode and emergency stop. Its clear instrument panel allows easy customisation of truck settings and parameters, while the ergonomically designed tiller arm accommodates both right and left-handed operators.

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7 Series Stacker (Ride-On) 1.6t

Load Capacity: 1,600kg

Lift Height: 2890~4790mm

The AC-powered ride-on 7 Series stacker promises a fully programmable performance allowing you to customise acceleration, top speeds, and braking. Its durable and reliable construction ensures a low total cost of ownership, making it ideal for any environment.

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Entry Level Stacker 1.2 – 1.6t

Load Capacity: 1,200~1,600kg

Lift Height: 1514~4530mm

Our 1.2t represents excellent value together with high productivity and excellent performance. Safety is ensured thanks to increased visibility, while fast charging ensures efficiency for your operation in any business.Available option 1.2-1.6t entry level stacker.

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7 Series Double Stacker 1.25t

Load Capacity: 1,250kg

Lift Height: 2090mm

Our durable lead-acid walkie double stackers with 1.3t load capacity prioritise operator safety and ergonomic design, ensuring long-term performance and value with extended service intervals. This low total cost of ownership makes our warehouse range perfect for even the toughest applications.

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7 Series Double Stacker (Ride-On) 1.25t

Load Capacity: 1,250kg

Lift Height: 2090mm

The high spec 7 Series double stacker with 1.25 - 7t load capacity delivers reliable performance and high productivity. With a focus on safety and ergonomic design, our robust machines offer easy pallet entry/exit and customisable performance. As a trusted brand, Bobcat provides a worldwide service network and genuine parts for your convenience.

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